Experienced Feature Film Crew

The camera is only part of the equation in shooting a feature: the tool is only as good as the people who use it. You can rent the Red by itself – but think of this as "value added".

Rocky Mountain 4K features two experienced crew members who know production and know the Red. Please click on the red block at right or see our “Contact Us” page for phone and e-mail contact information.

So You Want to Make a Movie

So you want to make your indie movie? So do we.

Our team, with recent digital feature credits and over 40 years of combined experience can help you make your dream a reality. Making movies and telling stories are what we're all about.

Rich Lerner, D.P. / Cinematographer / Operator

Rich has circled the earth for years, shooting for Nova, National Geographic and other presitigious series. He's shot a number of features and operated on many more. Rich is very proud to have contributed to the Oscar®-winning documentary short A Story of Healing.

For a longer list of credits, reels and more, see Rich Lerner, D.P. and Cinematographer, and Rich's IMDB credits. Rich is also a producer and principal for Art & Science Films, a Colorado film and video production company.

Nelson Goforth, Gaffer / Electrician / Camera Technician

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Nelson is a computer geek and a film lighting technician — the year-round tan usually throws people off — which sets him up perfectly to work with digital cinema cameras.

Over the course of more than twenty years Nelson has worked on over 40 features, MOWs (remember those?) and series. Now he's steeped himself in Red post workflow and stands ready to bore you to tears with the tedious details to help your production get the most out of your Red footage.

For a full resumé see Nelson Goforth, Gaffer / Electrician.

HD Video Production in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah and elsewhere

While RM4K is based in Denver, Colorado we're ready to travel the world. But we're especially convenient to New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and Utah - all over the Rocky Mountain region and the Great Plains, in fact. Our years of film and video production experience will help project look better and run more smoothly.



Rocky Moutain 4K contacts: 303.322.5042 or 303.807.8459

Why Experience Matters

The Red Digital Cinema Camera may be new technology, but the production process is just like shooting 35mm. Having a crew that's well-versed in 35 production is going to save time and money for your production.


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Nelson Goforth: 303.322.5042
Rich Lerner: 303.807.8459

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