Contact RM4K

We'd love to make a bid for your project or answer your questions about shooting with the Red Epic Dragon or our GH4. Please give us a call or write (click on the 'spam-proofed' e-mail address).

Rocky Mountain 4K
E-mail: rm4k AT rockymountain4k DOT com

Nelson Goforth:
Cinematographer / Gaffer
(production and workflow issues)
Phone: 303.506.2456
E-mail: ngoforth AT earthnet DOT net



Rocky Moutain 4K contacts: 303.322.5042 or 303.807.8459

Postal Addresses

Billing and Payment Address:

Nelson Goforth
1641 Monroe St
Denver, CO 80206-1826


Corporate Address for Insurance Certificates:

A valid insurance certificate is required for any major rental. Nelson Goforth must be an 'additional named insured' on the certificate, for an amount of $100,000. He must be named as the Loss Payee. The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to our equipment. The corporate address is:

Nelson Goforth
1641 Monroe St
Denver CO 80206

High Definition Video Cameras

While RM4K is all about the Red camera, call Rich Lerner for more 'standard' HD, with HDX 900, HPX 170 and HVX 200 HD cameras for High Definition video production in Colorado. Call him at 303.807.8459 for information.


Contact RM4K

Contact either of us at these numbers:
Nelson Goforth: 303.322.5042
Rich Lerner: 303.807.8459