Red Dragon Digital Cinema Camera Rental

Epic Rental Rates

We offer a "shootable" camera package. "Shootable"? Yes, everything you need for a basic production - camera, lenses, media, power and support*... shootable.

Epic DRAGON Package (see list)
With Lens package: $1500/day

Get the Red Dragon at this price for a very limited time only
...and, what the heck, our tripod & head, too.

* does not include lights, crew, script, good ideas, actors, or planning.

Printable package List (PDF File)


Lenses & Accessories - 11 to 200mm (Nikon mount)

Our own lens package is Nikon mount, but we have the PL front for the Epic, plus can mount Canon lenses as well. Our seven package lenses have all been modified by Duclos Lenses - de-clicked, damped, custom gearing and a common 80mm front added.

Basic seven lens package: $400/day

Our basic lens package consists of the six lenses indicated with below, plus the lightweight matte box and follow-focus, hot mirror filter and 80D filter. Other lenses can be added on an à la carte basis from the list below.

  • Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm/2.0 (‡ = included in lens package)
  • Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm/2.0
  • Zeiss Planar T* 50mm/1.4
  • Zeiss Planar T* 85mm/1.4
  • Nikon 17-35mm/2.8 ED zoom
  • Tokina 80-200/2.8
  • Tokina 11-16/2.8
  • -- Additional Lenses --
  • Nikon 55mm/2.8 macro - $40/d
  • Nikon 105mm macro - $40/d
  • Nikon 180mm/2.8 - $40/d
  • 300mm Russian (PL-mount)
  • Tokina 28-200/3.5-5.3
  • Century Achromatic Diopters (+2.0 and +2.6, or combine for max effect)

The full range of PL-mount lenses (Red Primes and Zooms, Super Speeds, Master Primes, Cookes, etc.) will work with the camera as well. Red Primes and some other lenses are available locally.

Lens accessories:

  • P-size (4x5.65) mattebox with two rotating stages, eyebrow - (included w camera)
  • Arri follow focus - $75
  • Lightweight two-stage mattebox (4x4) (one rotating stage)
  • Lightweight follow focus
  • Series 9 80D filter (an 80x filter is recommended if shooting in tungsten light)
  • 4x4 1.2ND/IR filter (recommended if shooting in sunlight with heavy ND)
  • Assorted 4x4 and Series 9 filters as needed

= included in lens package rental


Camera Support - Heads, Tripods, etc.

  • O'Connor 2575 model D head
  • Ronford tripods (standard, baby, hi-hat)
  • Cartoni 7+7 head (100mm bowl) and lightweight standards, babys and hi-hat - $50/day for package. Works well for Red with prime lenses.
  • Other Film Production Equipment Rentals

Rocky Mountain 4K can provide additional film / video production resources in addition to the camera and lens packages. We've got an assortment of basic motion picture support equipment (standard and baby tripods, high-hat, heads), plus more esoteric support gear (lightweight remote head, rigging, etc.)

  • HD critical monitor (Pana. 1710 - 17") (waveform/vector; HD-SDI) - $150/d
    (May be battery-powered. Has baby/junior stand adapters)
  • New! MacPro on-set rendering and color grading (one-light) rig with Red Rocket acceleration - all in a location package. Call Nelson, 303-506-2456, for pricing.
  • HDMI to HD-SDI converter (battery powered) for the HDSLR cameras
  • Marshall HD-SDI on-camera monitor (battery powered) for the HDSLR cameras
  • Apple Macintosh MacBook Pro with data transfer/backup software
  • Backup disk drives
  • Additional on-camera batteries (non-Red)
  • Portable lighting and grip kits
  • Assorted other film and video equipment (lightweight dolly, lightweight jib, etc.)

More Rental HD and HDSLR Video
Cameras for Colorado

Update - We've got the new Panasonic GH4 (up to 4K resolution) with the pro-audio, pro-video connection base. Will use any Micro Four-Thirds (MFT) mount lens, or, with our adapter, any of our standard package lenses.

We can also arrange other HD and HDSLR video cameras for Colorado.... and pretty much any place you want them... we go all over! The new Canon cameras can use our Nikon-mount lenses (other Canon lenses available locally).

  • Sony FS-100 (Super-35 sensor), adapters for Nikon lenses.
  • Panasonic HDX 900 High Definition camera (6.3-101mm)
  • Panasonic AF-100 High Def camera (four-thirds sensor. P2 media)
  • Panasonic HPX-170 HD camera (1/3" sensor)


Rocky Moutain 4K contacts: 303.322.5042 or 303.807.8459

Details, Details

Rocky Mountain 4K has put together a base digital cinema equipment rental package ideal for indy film production, but configurable for commercials and other projects that are budgeted to go the extra mile. Contact us for a quote on your specific project.

Insurance Certificate: Please note that a production insurance coverage certificate is required whether we are on the shoot or not. We also require that — if we are not on the shoot — an AC, camera tech or cinematographer with demonstrable Red camera experience be a full-time part of your project. The Red is not a 'just pick it up and go' sort of camera.

Lens and Support Information

The Carl Zeiss T* lenses in Nikon mount feature a large rotary angle of the focusing ring, allowing for the precise follow-focus mechanism familiar to anyone accustomed to cine lenses. We've equiped them with gearing for use with standard follow focus mechanisms. Classic Carl Zeiss glass ensures sharp, crisp pictures.

Tripod/Support note: The Red Epic is a hefty camera and not intended for lightweight heads and tripods. Our Cartoni head is sufficient for our lenses or for PL primes, but for a big zoom or lots of heavy accessories something more along the lines of an O'Connor 2060 or 2575 would be a better choice. A lightweight video tripod made for handycams would be an unwise choice.

What About Zooms?

RM4K has configured a package for budget-concious indy filmmakers - making use of very expensive still camera lenses, rather than even more expensive PLs. These lenses, particularly the Zeisses, are still crisp and contrasty and equal in optical quality and speed to good PLs - it is Carl Zeiss glass after all.

But zooms made for still cameras are not made to hold focus through a zoom. It can be done by a good cameraman (Rich Lerner, just to pull a name out of the hat) but that capability means a very, very expensive lens - out of the realm of a lot of indy filmmakers who might like to shoot in 35.

So what we have instead are some seriously good primes and zooms intended for still cameras. Think of them as 'variable primes'.

And if you really have to have the zooms, we can do that, too. But at that point it's a PL kind of show (we can change the mount, but it's not something you want to do for just one or two shots).

Motion Control Anywhere

lightweigh track, dolly and motion control

Rich has spent years roaming the globe and has put together a lot of flyable, packable film and video gear, including a lightweight jib, with a track and dolly system that works with a fully portable, battery-powered motion control system. The photo shows the complete track, dolly and motion control film production rig!

The rig will take the any of your cameras, including the Red package, or it can be used with HDSLRs. Use an DSLR in still photo mode with the motion control rig can yield extraordinary time-lapse footage.

portable motion control head

The battery-powered motion control head can mount any of our cameras, including the Red camera (with primes).


Contact RM4K

Contact either of us at these numbers:
Nelson Goforth: 303.322.5042
Rich Lerner: 303.807.8459

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